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We render a superior Pittsburgh dental health service. This requires more than restoring or replacing teeth. Modern preventive dentistry requires the building of a relationship with patients that will allow a high trust-low fear environment. When this type of relationship is achieved, patients will discover within themselves the capacity to use that relationship for positive change in behavior. When one realizes that nearly all dental disease is based on behavior (the way we care for our mouth), one can see that dental disease can be eliminated and prevented from happening again.

Once dental disease is arrested, it can be prevented from recurring. We have the technical, biological and psychological skills to do this for you today.

The old idea of going to the dentist when you have a toothache is still valid, but the thing we stress in our office – doctors, hygienists and assistants – is prevention, not cure! It is much wiser, healthier and more economical to keep the body well than to cure it after it is sick, and that is true of our teeth, heart, kidneys, joints or any other part of our bodies.

We look forward to fulfilling your dental needs at our Pittsburgh Dental office and helping you to keep your teeth for a lifetime.