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May 4, 2016
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June 15, 2016

Why you should consider dental implants

Dental implants are at the forefront of dental therapy today. Dental implants not only make dentures feel more comfortable, but also make chewing much more efficient. They can reduce the movement of dentures felt by denture wearers.

Something to consider – dental implants can completely replace the need for dentures. Teeth can be anchored to dental implants and are designed to either be removed every day, or can be fixed in place… That’s right – teeth that are permanently fixed in your mouth that don’t need to sit in a denture cup.

If you’re a patient that has loose teeth, or what you would consider to be ‘bad teeth’ there’s a brand new procedure to consider. You can have your bad teeth removed and replaced with a prosthesis that is permanently fixed in place. You never need to have a removable denture. All of this can be done in one appointment and the results are truly LIFE CHANGING. Werrin, Gruendel, Boles & Eans dental is proud to offer the All-on-4 system to our patients, and we’re currently the only Pittsburgh dentists offering this unique procedure. Click here to learn more about All-on-4. (link to all on 4 page)

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