Cosmetic Dentistry

Our unique in-house laboratory provides the very finest in dental technology and cosmetic dentistry. As one of the only in-house dental labs in Pittsburgh, we can offer our patients a full range of cosmetic dentistry services as well as faster service and the highest quality products.

We are able to meticulously supervise the progress of your case as it flows through the laboratory process. We have complete control over the techniques, the material and the quality. The combination of leading edge technology and very talented and experienced technicians assures that the service we extend to you is the finest quality available.

Brandon Trice uses a state of the art porcelain oven. He fires porcelain to make it tooth colored. Once he has the desired shade, the porcelain is vitrified in the oven to become a tooth. A computer component in the equipment automates and controls this process. The use of computers has changed – and improved – a lot of processes in dental labs.

Brandon also uses a surveyor to help build a removable prosthesis. At the same station the microscope is used by the techs to check the quality of the restorations made in our lab. Brandon classify the lab as a “Boutique Lab,” adding that with a limited amount of space and personnel this innovative dental lab provides a full range of services.

Full Dentures

Dr. Gruendel is our resident expert on removable appliances. Dr. Gruendel is hands on when it comes to designing and fabricating all of his removable dentures, full dentures and partials. He will take his patients from their initial impression, to wax-up try in, to finished appliance. These are all custom made in our lab by Dr. Gruendel.

Please feel free to call our office for any of your dental needs. Our telephone number is 412-621-0200, extension 10. Tina, Laura or Elizabeth will be happy to answer any questions you may have about cosmetic dentistry and schedule an appointment at your soonest convenience.