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Dental Implants

Cosmetic Dentist in Pittsburgh

Patients who lose a tooth have many options: partials, bridges, dentures and implants, but for the strongest, most natural feeling, dental implants in Pittsburgh are the best choice. Dental implants are a better alternative to other forms of tooth replacement. While most other dentists in Pittsburgh have to send molds to a separate lab for the procedure, we can do it all in our office with our in-house laboratory.

Advantages of Dental Implants in Pittsburgh

Cosmetic Dentists in Pittsburgh provide dental implants for their patients because this method creates the most stable, long-lasting, natural-looking tooth replacement possible. Because the implant is anchored to the bone, the replacement tooth can be brushed and chewed with just like the natural teeth. Unlike some dentures, implant teeth also fit like real teeth without the worry of slipping that dentures or partials may pose.

Dental Implant Procedure

Because each dental patient has different needs, dental implants may vary slightly. Generally, dentists in Pittsburgh begin the procedure by drilling a hole into the bone below the gap where the missing tooth is. Our dentists will insert a titanium screw into the jaw and affix a cap on top called a healing cap. The patient must wait up to six months until the screw has fused to the bone before returning to finish the implant procedure. During the second visit, the dentist removes the healing cap and replaces it with an abutment. The abutment is what the crown that replaces the missing tooth is placed atop. After completion, the replacement can be used like a real tooth. Some patients may require adjustments to the procedure such as having a bone graft before the implant to support the screw or skipping the waiting period and having the crown and abutment placed immediately atop the screw.

Materials Used

Titanium is an important material to use for dental implants in Pittsburgh because it allows the bone to fuse with the screw, which creates a tight fit, just like a natural tooth. Our office has a laboratory for crafting the crowns and other parts used in a dental implant procedure, which means that we have more control over what materials are used in all the procedures we perform.

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