Root Canals / Endontics

Pittsburgh Dental

A root canal in Pittsburgh is no longer a dreadful prospect. With the right endontic dentist, the procedure can be a painless way to save one’s tooth. The best dentist in Pittsburgh for this treatment is Dr. Boles, who has 25 years of experience in dentistry. He is a specialist in doing root canals in Pittsburgh.

Nerve and pulp damage or death inside a tooth usually necessitates a root canal. This harm may occur from bacteria, an old filling or a cracked tooth. It takes a professional dentist to properly evaluate the tooth and determine the correct procedure, but if a root canal is ordered, a patient should not fear that it will hurt or take a long time.

Root canals today are painless and take much less time than in the past. The best dentist in Pittsburgh will use a procedure that begins by numbing the tooth. As with a cavity, the top of the tooth is drilled out, but more material is removed during a root canal. This opening will give the dentist room to remove the infected or dead tissue from inside the tooth and replace it with a long-lasting, inert filler. A crown tops off the tooth for protection.

Some patients may have special needs for their procedure. The best dentist in Pittsburgh, Dr. Boles, will work with the patients and customize a root canal treatment that will save the tooth and provide a cosmetically appealing result. In a few cases, the tooth may require a fiber post bonded to it before replacing it and putting a crown over it, or Dr. Boles might use a pin to hold the new pieces in place. Only a qualified dentist who has experience with endontics can tell a patient exactly what he or she needs, and that expert is Dr. Boles.

Those who need a root canal in Pittsburgh should trust the best dentist in the city to do their procedure, Dr. Boles. With an expert’s hands doing the procedure, it will be painless and fast. The result of a successful root canal will be aesthetically pleasing and will save the tooth.