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We are Comprehensive Dentists located in the Greater Pittsburgh Area

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Are you looking for a cosmetic dentist who can help you with teeth that have been discolored, stained or darkened? Do you need crowns to cover fractured or badly shaped teeth? We provide the solution you’re looking for.

Drs. Gruendel, Eans & Boles is a MERCURY FREE Dental Practice in Pittsburgh

The old idea of going to the dentist when you have a toothache is still valid, but the thing we stress in our office – doctors, hygienists and assistants – is prevention, not cure! It is much wiser, healthier and more economical to keep the body well than to cure it after it is sick, and that is true of our teeth, heart, kidneys, joints or any other part of our bodies.

Our unique in-house dental laboratory also assures you of the very finest in dental technology and artistry. We are able to meticulously supervise the progress of your case as it flows through the laboratory process. Many years of expertise on the part of the four talented dental laboratory technicians work to your best interest to assure that the service rendered to you is of the finest quality.

We look forward to being your primary dentist Pittsburgh fulfilling your dental needs and helping you to keep your teeth for a lifetime.

  • Lynn Schreiber

    Dr. Gruendel’s skill and expertise are absolutely top-flight, including the very latest advances in Dentistry. He works with great accuracy and a gentle touch, always concerned for the patient’s comfort. Each person in his excellent staff possess these same qualities. Dr Gruendel is simply the best. 

    Lynn Schreiber
  • Josh Yelon
    I see Dr. Gruendel regularly. I like him a great deal. For example, I had two cavities filled last week by Dr. Gruendel. Three things stood out for me: one, there was no pain. Two, he checks and rechecks his work a lot during the process – he keeps verifying that he’s gotten all the decay, that the tooth surface is clean, and so forth. Three, he’s a really matter-of-fact businesslike person, the only time he really showed much emotion was when he saw how nice and small and tidy the filling turned out. A lot of dentists would be bored with it by now, but the fact that he still gets excited when work turns out well is a great thing.
    Josh Yelon
  • Theresa Koshut
    What better way to start the new year than with a complete dental exam and teeth cleaning! My mouth is fresh and ready to begin with confidence. This keeps me happy and smiling.
    Theresa Koshut
  • Karla Wasserloos
    Best dental practice in Pittsburgh!
    Karla Wasserloos
  • Michael Louder on 12-2014
    I could not be happier. This is by far the best Dental office that I have ever visited. All the staff are first rate. Hope to be a long term patient.
    Michael Louder on 12-2014
  • Patient on 12-2014
    Very professional staff. Dr. Boles is an excellent dentist and very compassionate.
    Patient on 12-2014
  • Pamela Macklin on 12-2014
    Reason first questions was Agree rather than Strongly Agree was that there was no one at reception but my Hygenist greeted me and said she would be with me shortly (had a patient) and I was early. Always greeted. Great group
    Pamela Macklin on 12-2014
  • Patient on 12-2014
    Great experience! Dr. Boles was amazing at making sure that I wasn’t in pain during my procedure.
    Patient on 12-2014
  • Marting
    I wrote you before as to how easy the staff is to communicate with. Most people get anxious when they must have a procedure done. The staff and Doctors gives 200%. And honestly all the people that work for Drs. Werrin, Gruendel & Boles have magic hands. So thank-you for making my visits to you all, most enjoyable.
    Marting "Buddy" Klemp on 12-2014
  • John Stuart Campbell on 12-2014
    Appointment was very satisfactory as always. Every family member I have in Pittsburgh gets their dental care at your office and everyone is quite satisfied.
    John Stuart Campbell on 12-2014
  • Don Mappin on 11-2014
    Keep up the good work!
    Don Mappin on 11-2014
  • R. Dell Ziegler on 11-2014
    Evelyn Glass, as usual, was terrific.
    R. Dell Ziegler on 11-2014
  • Dr. Marr on 11-2014
    As always my visit went very well
    Dr. Marr on 11-2014
  • Grace DiVecchio on 10-2014
    As always, I traveled almost 2,000 miles to have Terri clean my teeth and have Dr. Gruendel do a check-up. THEY ARE THAT GOOD, and nothing else needs to be said.
    Grace DiVecchio on 10-2014
  • Lori Cardille on 10-2014
    Dr. Grundle and his staff are first rate!
    Lori Cardille on 10-2014