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The first step to success in treating each patient is researching your case and forming the most accurate diagnosis for treatment consult. Even what may feel initially like a minor issue can be much more complex under the surface. Having the knowledge of what to look for and the experience of where to research potential complications, and where those complications may be hiding, helps our specialists make the most accurate and informed diagnosis possible.

Look Deeper

We invest in the best imaging technology on the market to help us see every part of a patient’s mouth very clearly, on and far under the surface, with the least amount of discomfort ever. If we detect a problem, our specialists have the chance to look even deeper with unmatched resolution to be most accurate in diagnosis.

Our in-house product family includes handheld digital x-ray systems that are painless and safe for our patients. We also conduct intra-oral imaging that helps us talk to patients about possible concerns while they see every part of their mouth and dental surfaces on our high definition screens. This makes for the most informed Q&A and treatment discussions with our specialists.

Cone Beam 3-D Imaging gives us a vivid look at your whole mouth from top to bottom, front to back…including highly detailed photographic quality images of all teeth, roots, gum tissue, soft palate and surrounding jaw areas. If there is anything hiding (or missing) under the surface, we will find it and help you address it immediately!

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