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Our Specialities

Gruendel & Rumbaugh Dentistry specializes in the following Procedures:

Welcome to Gruendel & Rumbaugh Dentistry

Here, you will find a unique relationship with specialists dedicated to helping you find more places where comfort, happiness and a true sense of ease lives in everyday moments. Every bite we take, smile we share, cold drink we sip, or night we spend sleeping well – or not at all, is directly impacted by oral health. We want you to leave here with a greater sense of confidence for facing it all.

Whether you are experiencing an acute or emergency condition, a lifelong dental challenge, or simply looking for a team you can trust for your ongoing dental wellness, our specialists are equipped to help address your comprehensive needs.

The G&R team starts by listening closely to your preventive, hereditary or ongoing concerns, goals and priorities. How can we make more moments healthy, beautiful, comfortable and relaxed for you? Comprehensive offerings of regular cleanings, whitening procedures, implants, crowns, root canals, veneers, and even solutions for snoring and sleep apnea will help get you there.

How can we help today?

Contact Elizabeth to explore your appointment availabilities and any insurance questions. Whether you’re looking for simple cleanings, whitening and preventative care or something more urgent and complex, we will help you through every step of the process.

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