Missing a tooth or multiple teeth creates an uncomfortable and urgent patient need for specialist consult and replacement plan. Implants are the closest thing possible to the experience of replacing a tooth or multiple teeth and are one of our unique in-house specialities. We’ll work with you to restore your comfort, prop­er speech, chewing ability, and ideal smile.

Expect Perfection

We know you want your replaced teeth to look and feel as natural as possible. To get shade perfection, form, and function assurance, our specialists and in-house lab technicians consider it all. We take true color matching to the next level to be accurate and natural. We’ve invested in creating totally controlled conditions to result in the highest possible standards, including installing every light fixture in the office to be standardized and consistent so you are seeing the real thing to make the best possible decisions for color matching perfection.


If you are missing more than one tooth or looking for treatment of a fully restored smile, the All-on-4® solution gives our patients the satisfaction of same-day dental implant procedures. With just four to six implants, an entire row of new teeth can be reconstructed. The implants at the back of the mouth are placed at an angle, so even patients with little jaw bone left can benefit from the treatment. Temporary teeth are fixed into place the very same day. Once the implants have healed in place, the patient receives a customized set of fixed teeth. Thanks to how far the past few decades of research and technology have taken us in the implant field, with proper oral hygeine, these totally customized teeth will last for years and years.

In-house Lab

We offer a one-of-a-kind, in-house dental laboratory that eliminates the need to send your case to an outside dental laboratory. Our lab’s capabilities for cus­tomization of implants, and individualized color artistry will restore your smile and your confidence faster than ever. You’ll enjoy quick turnaround times and results with personalization that is second to none.

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